Polish Language Translation & Interpreting Services

Translation, localization, proofreading, editing, interpreting and much more...

Providing affordable, accurate, quality human translation & interpreting services.


(Rates are subject to change)



My rates vary from $0.08 – $0.15 per source word. My minimum fee is $25.00. This minimum fee applies to all translation jobs.

For an accurate quote please email or fax your document or text sample for evaluation. I cannot provide a price quote without seeing the entire document that needs to be translated. Please include the following information:

  • Document type
  • Project volume (number of words or pages)
  • Due date of the project
  • Your contact and billing information

I can give you a quote by phone or email within 24 hours. Translation completion deadline depends on the length, the subject matter and the difficulty level of the translated text, as well as my load of work with other assignments at given time.

Pricing also depends on:

  • Legibility and readability of the original document (handwritten or poorly copied documents)
  • 15% for formatting that requires special editing (for example: tables, graphs)
  • Whether the translation needs to be certified and notarized
  • 25% rush jobs surcharge for a turnaround time of less than 1 full business day
  • The volume of the project (I give volume discounts for larger projects)


I offer interpreting services that can be contracted by the hour (with 2 hrs. minimum) or by half or full day (4 – 8 work hours not including lunch break). To enable me to provide you with the highest quality service, advise you appropriately and make an accurate quotation, please submit as much information about your interpetation needs as possible:

  • Dates, times, and location of the event
  • Type of event, subject matter, agenda
  • Number of participants and their contact information
  • Number of interpreters and their contact information
  • Is interpreting equipment provided?

As soon as possible in advance of the event, if available, please provide the following:

  • PowerPoint presentations or handouts to be used
  • Supporting documentation or reference materials that include a sample of terminology

For some assignments pricing may also include:

  • Travel cost, time or mileage reimbursement – if service is provided outside of Greater Seattle Area. Travel time will be charged at cost of economy travel plus additional travel expenses such as taxi fares.
  • Overnight accommodation will be required where duration of the assignment is more than1 day &  the venue is outside of the Washington State, event requires a very early start or one way travel time per day would exceed 3 hours.


I accept payment by personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, bank transfers, or payments through PayPal in US dollars, Euros or Polish zlotych.

Payments originating outside the U.S. will incur a surcharge of $10 – $15 (depending on the country) to cover bank fees.


Unless you represent a verifiable translation agency or a company with an accounts payable department, deposit or full payment must be received in advance.